The Power of One Keynote

Manny shares his story, and several eye-opening insights, of how, through hard work and with the help of others, he went from being an “unreachable” and “unteachable” student to becoming a successful student, husband, father, entrepreneur, pilot and public servant. This message inspires people to become change agents–“Page Turners”–who help others write new, more fulfilling chapters in their lives.

"Manuel's is an against-the-odds story of immeasurable courage, strength and determination overcoming extreme adversity. His testimonial leaves audiences not only awed and inspired, but also moved towards change. No one who hears Manuel will ever be the same."
– Masie Bross, Director of Whiz Kids, Inc.


"Turn the Page!" Assemblies

A life-changing 60-90 minute experience for your entire school in which Manny Scott and/or Matt Bennett inspires your students to turn the page and to begin writing new, more fulfilling chapters in your lives-academically and relationally.

We work very closely with you to help you prepare your school for the assembly, AND to help you plan follow-up activities to sustain the impact of the day.

Turn the Page Assemblies inspire students to:

  • Turn the Page academically- to take responsibility for your own success.
  • Become “Page Turners”- agents of change on campus and in your community who reduce bullying and intolerance.
  • Foster a campus-wide atmosphere of compassion, understanding, and excellence.

How to R.E.A.C.H. Youth Today Seminar (breakout, half, full day)

In this program, Manny shares, step-by-step, several proven practices and principles that engage, equip, and empower people everywhere to reach youth. Based on his doctoral studies, his own life experiences, and his work with troubled youth, Manny teaches leaders:

  • How to develop real relationships with underperforming students
  • How to develop the awareness of their own cultural particularities, and how those things create bridges or barriers.
  • How to acquire the understanding necessary to work with your particular group of students or their families.
  • How to incorporate those new understanding into how you teach and lead.
  • How to grab the attention of your intended audience so they are fully engaged.
  • How to persuade others to turn the page and take proactive steps to improve the quality of their lives.
  • So much more!!!

These are tools that others used to reach Manny, tools he has used to reach others, and tools that leaders everywhere can use right now to begin impacting the lives of others with incredible success.

“I used to think Manny Scott was the best speaker I had ever heard in my 46 years in education- and I still do. But I believe, after hearing him teach [my administrators and teachers] today, that his strongest suit is that of lecturing and teaching and interacting with an audience...He puts it in a way that is easy to understand. Plus, he brings great credibility to it because of his background."
– Dr. Keith Ballard, Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Oklahoma University

4 Proven Ways for to Position Your Child for Success

Manny often speaks to parents about how important it is for them to be proactively involved in their child's academic life. He helps:

  • Improves parental involvement.
  • Inspires and challenges parents to help their child excel academically.
  • Enlightens parents about the power they have to position their children for failure or success.

Do you want to help your child succeed in school and in life? Or, do you know a parent who needs some encouragement, or a wake-up call? In this presentation, Manny touches hearts, informs minds, and empowers parents everywhere to do 4 things that will help them position their children to succeed.


How to Turn the Page and Create the Life of Your Dreams

Manny often speaks to groups who want more out of life: more money, more success, more significance, and more fulfillment. In this presentation, Manny teaches that it is NEVER too late to turn the page and create new, more fulfilling chapters in life. It is NEVER too late to create the life of your dreams!

In this presentation, Manny Scott passionately inspires you with proven techniques and tools to create, step-by-step, the life they have always longed for. These are tools Manny used to go from being a high school dropout to a Ph.D. student, faithful husband, loving father, thriving entrepreneur, a pilot, and public servant.


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