THIS JUST MADE MY ENTIRE DAY! "Good Morning, Mr. Scott. I messaged you in 2015, and had met you prior to that at a work event. That same day, I took my daughter to see you at another event in town. She was going through some serious things. I was hesitant to message you as I know you receive many. 

"However, decided to because you really made an impact on my daughter. She was ridden with depression, and so broken at such a young age. This was due to her being a victim of sexual assault on a number of occasions. Well, in a couple days, my daughter and I get to give a victim's statement at her perpetrator's sentencing. Justice has FINALLY been served. He will be in prison for the rest of his life. You played a small role in my daughter's healing and helping her becoming a survivor. Keep doing it, sir. Each heart you mend is so important." 

I know you hear (read) me saying this all the time, but stories like this remind me that it's true: Even on your worst day you can be someone's best hope!



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