[***Pardon the language, please***]

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Sadly, more and more teachers are telling me that they are dealing with aggressive, violent behavior from kids in their classrooms. I am seeing a lot more reports in the news about kids becoming more violent as well. I'm also seeing online with alarming frequency. Personally, I am also seeing a lot more of this aggressive, defiant behavior from (young) people all over the country in my assemblies.

Honestly, I used to kind of be like the kid in the video (minus the touching or swinging on people or calling women names). Simply put, I was a brat. I was defiant, wild, misguided. I was lost. I was angry. I was like that partly because I was taught that being soft or passive will get you punk'd or killed. I was also taught that the best way to be respected is to handle disagreements with your fists. Of course, I eventually learned that violence is not the best way to solve problems.

However, during those times, I needed someone to mentor me, to coach me, to teach me how to handle conflict more constructively. I needed somone to show me how to respect my elders, how to watch my mouth, and carry myself with more respect.

I am almost sure that if I had not received the help I did from others WHEN I did, I would be dead or in jail right now. This kind of behavior, anywhere, eventually gets people hurt and killed.

There are immediate, short-term things that can be done to de-escalate situations like these, but those are often only temporary fixes and not always effective (unfortunately, most people do not respond to reason when they are this angry).

I say all this to simply say that kids who behave like this NEED a LOT of one-on-one help from people who care (parents, coaches, teachers, principals, police officers, etc), OR they will eventually get a LOT of DIFFERENT kind of one-on-one "help" from people who will not tolerate their disrespect or agrression.

No easy answers, but clearly, kids like this need a mentor. From the bottom of my heart, I hope someone can help this young man process this experience and help him address his anger and pain before it gets worse, or before its too late.

If you work with kids, I am praying for you today. Thank you for your patience, wisdom, guidance, and love. I know it's hard sometimes.

Even on your worst day, you can be someone's best hope.

Remaining prayerful,


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