I've seen people I love lose nearly everything because of things they did.

I've seen laziness lead to homelessness, obesity kill wonderful people, alcohol turn good people into monsters, infidelity destroy marriages and families, addiction destroy loved ones, and I've seen rage lead to murder.

I have seen apathy in school lead to misery in life. I have seen promiscuity produce pain, I have seen jealousy lead to bitterness and bitterness lead to stagnancy.

I have seen self-doubt lead to missed opportunities and low self-esteem lead to self-sabotaging behaviors.

I have seen pride poison progress, selfishness lead to loneliness, and greed rob people of contentment.

Experience is not always the best teacher. Learn as much as you can from the mistakes and successes of others.

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Even on your worst day you can be someone's best hope!


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