I used to be a fake security guard. During my college days, I worked for pennies as a Loss Prevention Specialist, which was just a fancy name for security guard.

I didn't have a badge, a flash light, handcuffs, or even a taser.
All I had were a set of keys that I could throw at someone if I ever found myself in trouble.
With those keys, it was my job to secure the buildings by making sure all the doors were locked, the lights were off, and the places were empty.  
Many nights, after all the buildings were secured, I went to the largest ballroom in the building (Pauley Ballroom), and for hours, I recited speeches to an empty room.
Eventually, I found myself doing that in the largest venues on campus (such as Wheeler Auditorium), which sat over seven hundred people.
I even found a way to practice a few times on the platform of the eighty-five-hundred-seat Hearst Greek Theater.  
Even though each venue was empty, in my mind, I was speaking to a standing room only crowd of people who were being inspired by my words.
I spoke as though the rooms were packed to capacity.
I spoke, creating a canvas with my words, that inspired thousands of imaginary people.
I spoke, and I saw, in my head, lives being changed. 
Mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally most of my time was occupied with me thinking about serving the world with my works and my words. 
It is true that you eventually become what you think about most.
I thought about speaking, so I majored in Rhetoric, the art and science of persuasion. 
I read books about speaking, and studied some of the world’s most powerful speakers.  
When I went to sleep, I had dreams about speaking, and, in my dreams, I saw lives being changed.
I saw people being moved by my words.
You could not tell me that those dreams were not real, because everything about them affected me both physically and emotionally.  
Sometimes I would wake up from those dreams and I would be sweating, and my heart would be racing.
In those dreams, I had conversations with my role models. 

In my dreams, I remember walking around with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I watched him, and listened to him, and learned from him … in my dreams.

I saw Frederick Douglass, and others, up close, in my dreams.

I saw myself speaking before audiences, in my dreams. 

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I have learned so much I want to share with you.

With genuine gratitude and eager anticipation, I remain. 

Sincerely yours,

Manny Scott 

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