• We offer everything from video chats to customized district-wide tours that can last several days to several weeks. We provide keynote presentations, seminars, workshops, school-wide assemblies, and many more services that we don’t have the space to discuss here. For more information, visit our programs page HERE.

  • We work with most budgets and look forward to working with yours. Give us a call at (888) 987-TURN (8876), or fill out this online booking form, so we can begin a conversation.

  • Call us at (888) 987-TURN (8876), or simply fill out our online booking inquiry form, and someone from our team will call you to review your form and discuss the details involved in bringing Manny Scott to your group.

  • Because Manny discusses some topics that elementary students may not understand, he prefers to speak to groups that are no younger than seventh-graders. Give us a call at (888) 987-TURN (8876).

  • Manny always tailors their presentations to the needs of each group. On average, they prefer forty-five to sixty minutes for their presentations. Their speeches for graduations are usually ten to fifteen minutes long; their speeches at school-wide assemblies are usually sixty minutes long; their speeches to leaders at conferences and conventions are anwhere between thirty to ninety minutes long. Sometimes, Manny delivers a one hour keynote, leads several sixty to ninety-minute breakout sessions. Again, it all depends on your group, your needs, and your goals. Give us a call, and let’s figure out how we can best serve your group.

  • There are a lot of people with financial resources looking for opportunities to support the work that you want to do; they just don’t advertise that they have those resources.  Many people are just waiting for you to ask them for their help. You can ask friends, businesses, civic groups, and other people who care about about your cause to help you bring Manny to your city.

  • Manny was one of the students in Erin Gruwell’s very first class, whose experiences together were made into the Hollywood movie. Manny will forever be grateful to Erin Gruwell and his time in her class.  She helped him apply to U.C. Berkeley, where he graduated with a double-major in Political Science and Rhetoric.