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Do Your Teachers Need Hope or Practical Help Reaching and Teaching Students?
  • Are your teachers having a hard time getting several of your students to log in and care about school?
  • Are your teachers tired and burning out, and in need of a reminder of how important their work is right now? Are parents non-responsive to calls and emails?

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"Fool-Proof Methods To Empower Students To Succeed In School!"

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Who is Going to Help "The Rest of Them?"

Who are the rest of them?

  • The students who were already struggling academically before distance learning began, but who are now completely disconnected from school—what’s going to happen to them?
  • The kids who don’t have an internet connection, a computer, or help at home—what’s going to happen to them?
  • The children whose only hope for getting out of poverty is through public education, but who now lack the self-starting skills and self-discipline needed to learn at home? What’s going to happen to them? 
  • The ones who looked forward to going to school, receiving those warm meals, seeing teachers who love them? What’s going to happen to them now?
  • Those children feel hopeless and helpless, right now.

They are "the rest of them." 

If We Don’t Reach Them: 

  • We might lose them from school forever. 
  • They might become more and more distant until they drop out. 
  • Their opportunities will be limited.
  • They will have a higher probability of making choices that could ruin not only their own lives but also the lives of others.
  • They will probably end up living way beneath their potential.

They need our help!

I Used to be "Distant" Just Like Your Students.

As a child, I was homeless, I lived in 26 places before I was 16, and I dropped out of high school when I was a freshman; and, if I had to do distance learning as a child, I, like several of your students, would not have completed any assignments or checked in with teachers. 

Like several of your students, I was not a self-starter, I lacked good study skills and the familial support necessary for success. 

Honestly, I would have seen distance learning as a pass to not care about school. 

But Educators Altered the Trajectory of my Life.

Even though I was very "distant," several teachers, coaches, administrators, and others helped me through some of the most difficult moments of my life. I graduated from high school, graduated from U.C. Berkeley, earned a Master's Degree, and I am nearly finished with my Ph.D. I am happily married to my college sweetheart, I am the father of 3 flourishing children.

Right now, your teachers NEED to be reminded that their work still matters. They need to feel that they are as vital now as they have ever been. 

Your Teachers CAN Make a Difference, Even ONLINE! 

I believe your teachers can still reach underperforming students, even if they have to do it virtually.

I still believe that even on their worst day, they can still be a student’s best hope. 

I still believe!

Do You?

I strongly disagree with people who say, "teachers don’t need PD during this time, they need TLC." PD done right is TLC!

Yes! I Still Believe! I'm Ready to Book!

What's the Catch?

There is no catch! I have already delivered over 100 online presentations for groups just like yours, and ALL of them have expressed gratitude for how my team and I have helped their teams in powerful ways!

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