Even on Your Worst Day You Can Be a Student's Best Hope


As Manny Scott travels the world speaking to students and educators, he meets young people whose stories sound a lot like his own—a childhood that was marked by poverty, instability, violence, and despair until a few caring educators showed him how to find meaning in the classroom and gave him… Read More

What's Inside?

  • Introduction: Why This Book?
  • Chapter 1: You Can Lead Students to Water and Make Them Drink
  • Chapter 2: It Starts with Relationships
  • Chapter 3: Become a Student of Your Students
  • Chapter 4: Build Bridges
  • Chapter 5: Give them Glimpses of Their Own Possibilities
  • Chapter 6: Help Them Find Their Voices
  • Chapter 7: Believe in Them Until They Believe in Themselves
  • Chapter 8: Keep Showing Up

Who's It For?

  • The busy teacher who needs hope and practical ideas.
  • For anyone who works with underperforming or traumatized youth.
  • For anyone who wants to learn how to teach anything to anyone anywhere.